Damaris Webb: Bicoastal Performer, Teaching Artist, and Theater Maker

Introduction to the Six Viewpoints

Built on my foundation with the viewpoints as introduced to me by Mary Overlie and Wendell Beavers at ETW in the mid-80‘s, and expanded by my work time with SITI company members.

Participants will be given an introduction to the Viewpoints horizontal approach to the elements of theater. We will explore the flexibility of the Viewpoints as an ensemble practice, a laboratory, and a technique for generating original material.

By isolating and entering into dialogue with space, time, movement, shape, emotion and story, we will develop our experience of direct perception and the skills of both refining and widening the vocabulary of response, moving towards a very sophisticated level of creating composition.

BFA 1989, Experimental Theater Wing, New York University:
Viewpoints Instructors: Mary Overlie, Wendell Beavers, Nina Martin, Paul Langland

MFA 2008, Contemporary Performance Program, Naropa University
Viewpoints Instructors: Wendell Beavers, Barney O’Hanlon & Leon Ingulsrud: SITI Company
Contemplative Dance: Barbara Dilley
Developmental Technique: Wendell Beavers
Body Mind Centering Integration: Erika Berland