Damaris Webb: Bicoastal Performer, Teaching Artist, and Theater Maker

Training for the Performer

Deep play clears the way for pure invention.

Improvisation is a fundamental skill for creative process. Using everything we already know, we put our aesthetic judgements on the back-burner and agree to enter a space of not-knowing. Flashes of insight arise while we’re playing, messing around in our sand box of “expressive techniques”. We are surprised, momentarily shocked out of our habitual responses and impulses by surrendering ourselves fully to the present moment. We learn to deeply play, delighting in our curiosity, joining the insight and knowledge of bodymind through a deep listening on many levels of perception.

Deep Play Workshops for The Performer

A path to manifesting spacious, confident and balanced improvisational performance. Learn more.



Introduction to The Six Viewpoints

An introduction to the Viewpoints horizontal approach to the elements of theater. Learn More.




Especially for dancers and physical theater performers, this workshop offers support for a wholesome way of being an artist in the world. Learn more.

Currently these workshops are offered in Portland, Oregon at Be Space, and on a semi annual basis at The Center for Contemplative Arts, Manzanita, as well as New York City. Please contact me if you are interested in further conversation about the availability of these workshops.