Damaris Webb: Bicoastal Performer, Teaching Artist, and Theater Maker


CDP/NYC is a group of performers who regularly meet to practice and train in the art of deep play, creating performance improvisation and composition from a contemplative base.

Continuing the disciplines and forms introduced to them by Barbara Dilley at Naropa University’s MFA Contemporary Performance, the group has established a practice which is inspired and informed by work with her, while evolving itself as an ensemble.

Public Workshops are offered by the group throughout the year for those interested in knowing more about our practice. They are taught by Damaris (founding member/curator) and other members of the CDP/NYC Core.

“The Contemplative Dance Practice form trains personal and group mindfulness of body/mind by joining sitting meditation practice together with spontaneous dance/movement improvisation. The insight and knowledge of bodymind is cultivated through a deep listening on many levels of perception, in the exploration of impulses, in still and moving postures, and with gentle attention to the breath.” – Barbara Dilley

Visit us at http://cdpnyc.org

CDP/NYC logo by Benjamin Stuber.