Damaris Webb: Bicoastal Performer, Teaching Artist, and Theater Maker

NYC Zombie Walk

Halloween Day 2001 to present, Union Square to Macy’s

Because you love George Romero’s Zombie movies and don’t mind getting thrown out of the Manhattan Mall (although that was not the intention) and you dream of riding the subway, nose pressed to the glass as the undead.

What is our fascination with the zombie? What would it be like to be the undead just for a day?

A zombie reminds you of someone you might know – aerobics instructor, bus driver, mailman, etc, but has now slipped over to the unknown, the bardo of life and death. The slow mo shuffle jerk and drag, the vacant stare, the steady onward motion. These zombies do not talk (not even to say brains), do not intentionally menace the outsider, do not get fake blood on merchandise nor pose for pictures. They may however get stuck in a revolving door.

If you would like to join us next Halloween, please contact me to be added to the mailing list!