Damaris Webb: Bicoastal Performer, Teaching Artist, and Theater Maker

Original Shows and Events

The Box Marked Black


Tales from a Halfrican-American growing up Mulatto. With sock puppets! News About Current Production/Location.





A submersion into the neurological condition of synesthesia via the five senses. More…




SOMAPHRASE: dancing the translation (with the modern dance awareness society)

We were uncertain whether the water floated the land, or the land held the water in its bosom…  More



FROZEN BALLS: A Carnival in Narnia

An Interactive Costume Party to celebrate the brilliance of a waning winter. Watch video and learn more.



HOW TO RAISE THE DEAD: an undead extravaganza

Our fascination with the Hollywood zombie, irreconcilable disconnects and resurrection. More



The Continuing Adventures of Ashira 69!

The All-Female superhero Play! A late night episodic comic book come to life. Watch Video and Learn more.



NYC Zombie Walk

Because you love George Romero’s Zombie movies and don’t mind getting thrown out of the Manhattan Mall and you dream of riding the subway, nose pressed to the glass as the undead. Watch Video and Learn More.



The Tennessee Project, Inc.

Artistic Director of NYC-based theater company, 1986-2006. Learn more.