Damaris Webb: Bicoastal Performer, Teaching Artist, and Theater Maker

Click to see some online pics of me dancing with MDAS

dancing with The Modern Dance Awareness Society at a recent rubulad party… the theme was spring flowers



April 10th come see an excerpt of “Huetopia”

as part of the International Home Theater Festival


7:30 pm April 10th at The Beekman Birdhouse (an apartment in midtown Manhattan)

featuring performances by:

Deborah Black and Margot Bassett, Davina Cohen, Téana David, Debra Disbrow, and Damaris Webb, Jeremy Mikush, Liz Stanton, The Little Chatterboxes of Bingen (Adam Lerman and Jill DuBoff)


follow the link under Davina Cohen


featured in spring issue of “naropa!”

Read an article about my “Deep Play” work in Naropa Magazine

Article featuring my evolution and continuation of the work of my mentor and friend, Barbara Dilley (on page 10!)


Dancing with The Modern Dance Awareness Society

I’ll be dancing with The Modern Dance Awareness Society at two upcoming parties:

Saturday February 12th at Rubulad’s Super-Fantastic Love Explosion

Saturday Febraruy 19th at The Danger’s Down in the Dark 


It’s what you get when you cross voluptuous with eruption!

I’ll be performing “The New York Hula” with The Ladies Auxiliary Ensemble (a dance theater piece to a Grace Jones cover of a Broadway show song, accompanied by a live band) at one of the most promising cabaret parties of this winter. Time Out New York calls it a full scale happening

Cover Shoot for Insecurity Rag Magazine

Catch me on the cover of the latest issue of Insecurity Rag Online.

Conflict Resolution Workshop at OHSU

I will be holding a Conflict Resolution Workshop at OHSU September 2010.

LiveINTheater Presents: LES Murder 1975

Performance September 12, 19, 2010 – NYC

An interactive murder mystery set in the lower east side cira 1975.
Don’t miss your chance to see me as stoned out junkie or a Stepford Wife depending on the night. Please visit the LiveInTheater Website for more details!

Sanctuary Performance For members of the enterbeing community Portland, OR

Slow down, refresh your senses, and delight your inner eye as New York based teaching artist, Damaris Webb, leads a one evening workshop for making on-the-spot compositions using found objects. Through mindfulness of our everyday use of sense perceptions and gentle awareness of the stories space inherently holds, we will unfold our imaginations and aesthetics!

The Red Square Workshop

Investigating composition practices beginning with seeing yourself in the space and engaging with props as ‘allies’. (The intention is to awaken the voice and presence of inanimate physical objects as we train our compositional eye to listen to the stories space already holds.)

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