Damaris Webb: Bicoastal Performer, Teaching Artist, and Theater Maker

Crosstalk Coconut coming to Dixon Place

Dixon Place is to Produce Crosstalk Coconut a submersion into the neurological condition of synesthesia for May 17th. This is an original theater piece I am co-creating with three other theater makers under the performance group title of The Stenographers.

My new solo show at Dixon Place

I will be performing The Box Marked Black at Dixon Place 9:30 pm February 18th


What does it mean to be black? Is it the shade of your skin? The kink of your hair? Is it learned? What is its language, both in the body and on the tongue?

The Box Marked Black is a tender solo performance piece, tracing the experience of growing up mulatto in the pre-Huxtable era. With only Jenny Willis from The Jefferson’s as a guide, our multi-disciplinary storyteller creates narrative from the perspective of both sides of her interracial family, embodying multiple characters, childhood memories (including a “Roots” sock puppet re-enactment) and fantasy.


I have recently posted some of the original plays I have been co-creator and performer in:

Huetopia Reflections from our submersion into the neurological condition of synesthesia, and the larger question of how each one of us relates to our own sense perceptions. 

Monstrous!  Studio Showing. What is a monster? The fruits of our investigation into the nature of human monstrosity, the life of Mary Shelly, and our love for the story of Frankenstein’s Monster.

Two Week Visiting Guest Artist at Naropa University

I am in Boulder teaching Red Square Practice to undergraduates as a visiting guest artist at Naropa, and supporting my mentor Barbara Dilley on her book project. I am also observing her work with the BFA students. What a wonderful opportunity to be in the room with her in the mornings and then go on to teach her work in the afternoons, and then reflect on the lineage of work in the evenings!

7:30pm wednesday 10/18 check me out in a web reading-RSVP required!

 It’s free! Click on any of the links below to learn how to view the reading and to participate in a post-read conversation with the playwright and cast!
About “Suicide on Pennsylvania Avenue“: The day after she buries her husband, Fran looks around her living room at the stacks of bills and paperwork that litter her floor. Boxes and boxes of them. The phone never stops ringing. Creditors. Old friends. The bank. But the strongest relationship she has is the one with her message machine. While the debate continues in our government offices; while the power of insurance companies and banks continue to grow, supported by lobbyists that demand and receive special tax cuts, bail-outs, etc.; the middle class is forced to make decisions no politician would dare consider for themselves.

Announcing my commercial representation in the Pacific Northwest

I am now on the Ryan Artists Acting and Voice Over Rosters!


I am offering a two-part Red Square Workshop in Portland on 8/24 and 9/7


Slow down, refresh your senses, and delight your inner eye as New York based teaching artist, Damaris Webb, leads two Wednesday evening workshops for making on-the-spot compositions using found objects.

Through mindfulness of our everyday use of sense perceptions and gentle awareness of the stories space inherently holds, we will unfold our imaginations and aesthetics!

Come as you are – no experience necessary


Wednesday August 24th & Wednesday September 7th

at Leaven Project 5431 Northeast 20th Avenue


Workshop space limited to 12 participants, and is offered free of charge through The Leaven Project. Please RSVP to damaris.webb@gmail.com


I will be performing “Huetopia” in San Francisco this June as part of FoolsFury’s Fury Factory

Huetopia is an original show from NY that I and two other folks from my MFA have created about the neurological condition of synesthesia…

For tickets and info:


8pm Tuesday June 14th and 9pm Thursday, June 16 at The Jewish Theatre 470 Florida St. San Francisco, CA 94110

We are called The Stenographers, our show is called Huetopia“, we are performing a double bill with The Splinter Group who’s show is calledThreshold”.


Enter a world where tasting a lemon arouses bright bursts of magenta and touching a smooth stone summons the smell of sour milk.  For Vladimir Nabokov it was “colored hearing,” but Synesthesia can spill the senses in a number of spectacular and sometimes frightening ways. Experience this phenomenon through the eyes of Synesthetes from the past and present in this evokative theater-investigation. With the Stenographers: Teana David, Debra Disbrow & Damaris Webb


if you are in Times Square 5/19 come by and check out me dancing with MDAS in portable

portable is a moment of unity, where through simplicity and timeless  repetition we create a shared language- a diversity in unison.

Thursday, May 19, 6:30 – 7:30pm



watch me dance on with mdas on utube

a short video from Toyota 100 cars for Good – GAGA Arts and Education Center, with The Modern Dance Awareness Society



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