Damaris Webb: Bicoastal Performer, Teaching Artist, and Theater Maker

The Box Marked Black November 1st & 2nd in Denver, CO

The Box Marked Black:
Tales from a Halfrican-American growing up Mulatto. 
With sock puppets!

Presented at CCD Studio Theater
in the King Center on the Auraria Campus
855 Lawrence Way Denver CO 80204

Thursday November 1, 7:30pm & Friday November 2, 7:30pm
Please join us for a talkback following both performances
Run time 55 minutes
Tickets available at the door, or online at


What does it mean to be black?
Is it the shade of your skin? The kink of your hair? Is it learned?

What is its language, both in the body and on the tongue?

“Yes, I knew the issue of diversity was important, but not till Damaris Webb in The Box Marked Black did diversity, dance, sing, do a puppet show– and winningly speak from, and to, the heart.” – Michael Wolk, Executive Director, All For One Theater Festival NYC

“Damaris Webb is a truly integrated contemporary artist and The Box Marked Black is an important work in the evolving dialogue of race in this country. Both the subject matter and the artistry appeal to and bring together a wildly diverse audience through laughter and humble admission of raw truths. As a believer in the power of art to build bridges and heal communities, I highly recommend this work to people of all age and color.” – Mizu Desierto, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, The 1Festival/Water in The Dessert Portland, OR

The Box Marked Black is educational theatre at its best. That is to say, it is good theatre that has the added advantage of being educational. With theatrical sensibility as a creator and versatility as a performer, Damaris Webb crafts moments that range from touching to zany. At once personal and historical, The Box Marked Black offers a unique perspective, teaching you things you might not learn elsewhere, while making you think with your heart as well as your mind.” – Cynthia Ward, Educational Director, Boulder International Fringe Festival

The Box Marked Black is a tender solo performance piece, tracing the experience of growing up mulatto in the pre-Huxtable era. With only Jenny Willis from The Jeffersons as a guide, our multi-disciplinary storyteller creates narrative from the perspective of both sides of her interracial family, embodying multiple characters, childhood memories (including a “Roots” sock puppet re-enactment) and fantasy.

written and performed by Damaris Webb
directed by Debra Disbrow
dramaturgy by Ashley Hughes