Damaris Webb: Bicoastal Performer, Teaching Artist, and Theater Maker

7:30pm wednesday 10/18 check me out in a web reading-RSVP required!

 It’s free! Click on any of the links below to learn how to view the reading and to participate in a post-read conversation with the playwright and cast!
About “Suicide on Pennsylvania Avenue“: The day after she buries her husband, Fran looks around her living room at the stacks of bills and paperwork that litter her floor. Boxes and boxes of them. The phone never stops ringing. Creditors. Old friends. The bank. But the strongest relationship she has is the one with her message machine. While the debate continues in our government offices; while the power of insurance companies and banks continue to grow, supported by lobbyists that demand and receive special tax cuts, bail-outs, etc.; the middle class is forced to make decisions no politician would dare consider for themselves.